Elly Vandegrift

ELEANOR VANDEGRIFT is the Associate Director of the Science Literacy Program and a Senior Instructor in Biology.  Elly works with UO science faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students who wish to co-teach SLP courses, participate in the Science Literacy Teaching Journal Club, or improve their classroom pedagogy techniques. In addition, to her work with the program Elly is active with the Northwest PULSE community and Summer Institutes on Undergraduate Education to promote national STEM reform efforts.  She was named a National Academies Education Fellow in 2013-14 and a National Academies Education Mentor 2014-15 and 2015-16.

Before joining the Science Literacy Program, Elly worked with science students to cultivate academic success through the Teaching and Learning Center and facilitated teacher training opportunities for the Teaching Effectiveness Program. Elly completed her undergraduate work in biology at Earlham College and her graduate work in Forest Ecology from Oregon State University where she studied the genetic diversity of saprotrophic fungi in Oregon forests. Elly has taught a diversity of science pedagogy, biology, anatomy & physiology, and academic skills courses at UO, Lane Community College, and Earlham College.  Elly’s best teachers are her two young children and husband who introduce her to new ideas everyday and remind her to live in the moment.

Selected Workshops Facilitated:


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Contact Elly Vandegrift:

  • email – ellyvan <at> uoregon <dot> edu
  • phone –  541-346-8982