Broader Impacts

The HHMI Science Literacy Program (SLP) offers General Education courses for non-science majors designed to improve scientific awareness and general science literacy of the educated public by enhancing competence in and appreciation of science. UO SLP features include

1) Science Literacy Teaching Journal Club, a weekly gathering of interested faculty, students, postdocs and staff to discuss science pedagogy relating to science literacy teaching.

2) Individual consultation in pedagogy for UO SLP faculty, graduate SLP fellows, and undergraduate SLP scholars who are planning, developing, or teaching science literacy courses available both through the UO SLP associate director and the UO Teaching Effectiveness Program (TEP) faculty consultants.

3) Course “release” from regular teaching assignments to develop new courses for teaching STEM topics to non-majors using modern pedagogy techniques.

4) Ongoing support during the teaching of new Science Literacy courses including pairing faculty with graduate fellows and undergraduate scholars to help with course design and implementation

5) Workshops by invited experts on science literacy pedagogy. These features address the NSF requirement for Broader impacts: “Collectively, NSF projects should help to advance a broad set of important national goals, including increased public scientific literacy and public engagement with science and technology.