Graphicacy Toolbox

Graphicacy is a graphing and data assessment tool used to support students’ graphical literacy.

To access Graphicacy, visit

At the start of each term, faculty are faced with a need to quickly determine where their students are in their ability to interpret graphs, charts, and data.

The program, Graphicacy, was developed by the Interactive Media Group (IMG), a part of the UO Libraries, with this need in mind.

By using Graphicacy, faculty can create a quiz that includes questions using:

  • Static graph images – link directly to a graph or data for students to review. This image will display within the Graphicacy quiz interface.
  • External graph images – link directly to a graph which displays on an external website
  • Preset Formula Graph – Use one of seven formula types – sin, cos, tan, exponential, logarithmic, PeRT (financial), and Population Growth Model. You have the flexibility to set specific variables for the graph’s X and Y-axes.
  • Custom Formula Graph – use your own custom formula for differential equations or function plotters.
  • CSV File Graphs – upload a csv file with two columns of data and Graphicacy will generate the graph.
  • Question Pool – select from preexisting questions created by other faculty members or from your previous quizzes.

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Tutorials and videos

Graphicacy How To pdf document to get users started with the tool box.

Getting Started

Creating Quiz Questions

  • Static Image Graph
    (Link to a static image of a graph hosted on a Picasa account.)
  • External Image Graph
    (Link to a graph displayed on another website.)
  • Preset Formula Graph
    (Choose from preset graph types and edit variables. Types include: sin, cos, tan, exponential, logarithmic, PeRT and Population Growth Model.)
  • Custom Formula Graph
    (Graph your own differential equation or function plotter.)
  • Graph CSV File
    (Create your own graph from a CSV data file.)
  • Question Pool
    (Add questions created by other instructors to your quiz. Once added, the question text can be edited for your individual needs.)