Journal Club Fall 2015 Week 5

This week we will continue to focus on science literacy.  Please read

Majetic, C. & Pellegrino, C. (2014). When science and information literacy meet: an approach to exploring the sources of science news with non-science majors.College Teaching, 62(3), 107-112. Thanks to the authors we have access to an online version

For your convenience, we offer two weekly meetings for you to choose from in 317 LISB.

Thursdays at 9:00 am
Fridays at 12:00 pm (feel free to bring your lunch!)


Midterm Assessment of Teaching

This is Week 4 of the term, and a great time to plan a midterm assessment of how things are going in your class. TEP recommends asking students two simple questions, and perhaps a few others to address issues specific to your course. Consider asking these questions with an online survey (e.g. through Canvas):

– What’s working well in the course and helping you learn?
– What constructive suggestions do you have for improving the course?

Once students have completed the survey, thank them and talk about the results in class, even if you won’t be implementing any of their suggestions! This makes the students realize that you actually care what they think (and predisposes them to evaluate you favorably in the future). The conversation also makes it more likely that you will follow through on any planned changes. For details on how to implement the survey in Canvas, please see the TEP website Midterm Feedback page.

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