Journal Club Fall 2017 Week 6

For journal club this week, please join us for a Teaching Showcase to hear about the new course: Bio 160 From Brains to Intelligent Machines developed by SLP affiliated faculty member Santiago Jaramillo and Graduate SLP Fellow Nick Ponvert.  We’ll have an opportunity to hear about the development and activities included in the course and ask questions about creating this course for non-science majors.
BI 160   Sp St Brain Intel Mach (From Brains to Intelligent Machines) Course Description:
A course designed for non-science majors to understand how the brain acquires information and drives behavior, and how scientists and engineers attempt to replicate these abilities in computers and artificial intelligence systems.  Students will be introduced to the process of scientific reasoning and use those skills to discuss the neural processes behind learning, memory, decision-making, and thinking.  Parallels will be made between the way the brain and computers process information and perform computations.  Students will grapple with questions such as:  What happens if our intelligent machines become too intelligent?  What are the implications to society of intelligent machines and technologies for interfacing brains and machines?

Fall term journal club will be held on Thursdays at 9 am in 217 LISB.

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