Journal Club Spring 2017 Week 1

This spring our theme will be evidence-based teaching in practice.  We will divide the term into two-week segments; in the first week of each segment we will read about and discuss a topic or technique, and in the second we will either try it out ourselves or talk with a guest who uses the technique in their own teaching. We offer two sessions to choose from each week; content will usually be the same for both.  We invite participants from all ranks and disciplines to join the whole series or stop by for a specific conversation.

Equal access to college does not necessarily translate to equal probability of success. What can we do to help level the playing field? In the term’s first two-week segment, we will learn about transparent teaching methods, which can help all students succeed by explicitly stating goals and criteria that often remain implicit. To prepare, please read:

Winkelmes, M. A., Bernacki, M., Butler, J., Zochowski, M., Golanics, J., Weavil, K. H. (2016). A Teaching Intervention that Increases Underserved College Students’ Success. Peer Review, 18(1/2), 31.


Berrett, D. (Sept. 21, 2015). The Unwritten Rules of College. Chronicle of Higher Education Rules-of/233245

Sessions will be held at 9:00 am Thursdays and 1:00 pmFridays in LISB 217.  Hope to see you there.

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