Journal Club Spring 2017 Week 6

This week the journal club will welcome two special guests, science education researchers visiting our campus.

On Thursday we will be joined by Prof. David Hestenes, of the Department of Physics at Arizona State University.  Prof. Hestenes was one of the main developers of the widely-used Force Concept Inventory, which is used to measure students’ conceptual understanding of physical forces.  Prof. Hestenes has developed a method for teaching physics based on using conceptual models.  In his time with us, we will discuss the cognitive foundations behind this pedagogy.  To prepare, please read:
Series, Archives–SemiotiX New. “Conceptual Modeling in physics, mathematics and cognitive science.”
Please also have a look at Prof. Hestenes’ PowerPoint presentation and identify questions you may have for him. The presentation can be found here.

On Friday our guest will be Prof. Matthew Hora, a member of the Department of Liberal Arts & Applied Studies and a Research Scientist at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Prof. Hora’s visit with us will center on his research into how students study and how we can change our instructional design to encourage more efficient studying.  To prepare, please read Prof. Hora’s paper:
Hora, M.T. & Oleson, A.K. (2017). Examining study habits in undergraduate STEM courses from a situative perspective. International Journal of STEM Education, 4 (1), 1-19.

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