Journal Club Spring 2017 Week 8

Our plan for this week has changed somewhat. On Thursday, we will have a teaching showcase in which Prof. Raghu Parthasarathy of the Department of Physics will give us a window into the non-majors courses he teaches and the methods he uses.  To prepare, please consider reading:

Parthasarathy, R. (2012). Cars and Kinetic Energy—Some Simple Physics with Real-World Relevance. The Physics Teacher50(7), 395-397.

On Friday, we initially planned to have Prof. Kelly Sutherland talk about her courses, with an emphasis on implicit bias and the implicit association assignment she gave her students.  However, it happens that on Friday the Division of Equity and Inclusion will be hosting Benjamin Reese, the vice president and chief diversity officer for the Office for Institutional Equity at Duke University, who will be leading a forum and two workshops about implicit bias.  Following Kelly’s gracious suggestion, we will postpone her teaching showcase and instead encourage people to attend one of Prof. Reese’s events.  For more information and to RSVP, please visit

We will meet in 217 LISB (Lewis Integrative Sciences Building) at 9:00 am on Thursday.

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