Journal Club Winter 2015 Week 3

For Thursday, we will investigate some of the quantitative statistical methods used in analysis of DBER data. To prepare, please read Chapter 4: Quantitative Methods from Discipline-Based Education Research: A Scientist’s Guide, by S. J. Slater, T. F. Slater, and J. M. Bailey.

We have decided to select only a few chapters from the book to use in journal club this term, so we have not asked the bookstore to make another attempt to order it. Instead, please contact Julie Mueller or Heather Borland for a PDF copy of this week’s chapter.

For Friday, we will read contrasting accounts of using cell phones in class  Tessier, J. T. (2014). Eliminating the Textbook: Learning Science With Cell Phones. Journal of College Science Teaching44(2).

Kuznekoff, J. H., & Titsworth, S. (2013). The impact of mobile phone usage on student learning. Communication Education62(3), 233-252.
Also available here

Additional references on classroom cell phone use can be read here Weimer, M. 2012. Students think they can multitask.  Here’s proof they can’t. Faculty Focus Blog.

- Thursday 9:00am in LISB 317 facilitated by Julie Mueller, TEP
– Friday 12:00pm LISB 317 facilitated by Leslie Coonrod, IMB

We look forward to seeing you there!
Julie and Leslie

See past reading selections in our Journal Club section and in our Bibliography section.


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