Journal Club Winter 2017 Week 2

During Winter 2017, we will continue to have two journal clubs to choose from.

For Thursday’s 9am session, please read:
Lewis, KL, JG Stout, SJ Pollock, ND Finkelstein, and TA Ito. (2016). Fitting in or opting out: A review of key social-psychological factors influencing a sense of belonging for women in physics. Physical Review Physics Education Research 12(2):020110-1-6.
Valantine, H.A. (2016). How to fix the many hurdles that stand in female scientists’ way: Women face discrimination of many kinds. We need culture change. Scientific American December.

For Friday’s 1pm session, please read:
pages 24-42 of Olson, R. (2015). Houston, we have a narrative: Why science needs a story. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.

Please note that in the readings for this week and next week the author uses some strong and insensitive language and examples. We will discuss our reactions to this writing in the journal club meetings.

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