Journal Club Winter 2017 Week 8

During Winter 2017, we will continue to have two journal clubs to choose from.

For Thursday’s 9am session, please read:
Goeden, T. J., Kurtz, M. J., Quitadamo, I. J., & Thomas, C. (2015). Community-based inquiry in allied health biochemistry promotes equity by improving critical thinking for women and showing promise for increasing content gains for ethnic minority students. Journal of Chemical Education92(5), 788-796.

For Friday’s 1pm session, please read:
pages 176-184: Intro Section IV and chapter 11
For those who are interested, here is a TED talk from Randy Olson, mostly summarizing what we’ve covered this quarter. We will use this week to review and reflect on what we’ve learned so far, and watching this may be a good way to refresh. Please be aware that there is a swear word.

Both sessions will be held in LISB 217.  Hope to see you there.

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