Science Literacy Program Newsletter

Fall 2015 – Week 3

 Journal Club

This week we will continue to focus on science literacy.  Please be sure to read the appendix.

Allchin, D. (2011). Evaluating knowledge of the nature of (whole) science.Science Education95(3), 518-542.

For your convenience, we offer two weekly meetings for you to choose from:

Thursdays at 9:00 am
Fridays at 12:00 pm (feel free to bring your lunch!)

All sessions will be held in 317 LISB (Lewis Integrated Sciences Building).

Hope to see you there.

Elly and Julie

Midterm Assessment of Teaching

This is Week 4 of the term, and a great time to plan a midterm assessment of how things are going in your class. TEP recommends asking students two simple questions, and perhaps a few others to address issues specific to your course. Consider asking these questions with an online survey (e.g. through Canvas):

– What’s working well in the course and helping you learn?
– What constructive suggestions do you have for improving the course?

Once students have completed the survey, thank them and talk about the results in class, even if you won’t be implementing any of their suggestions! This makes the students realize that you actually care what they think (and predisposes them to evaluate you favorably in the future). The conversation also makes it more likely that you will follow through on any planned changes. For details on how to implement the survey in Canvas, please see the TEP website Midterm Feedback page.


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Winter 2016 Scholars and Fellows

We are now recruiting undergraduate SLP scholars and graduate SLP fellows. Review of Applications will begin on October 20, 2015.

Undergraduate application and CAS 409 Practicum information.

Graduate application.

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DBER REU program at the Rochester Institute of Technology

Applications for our DBER REU program at the Rochester Institute of Technology are now being accepted. (Deadline November 30, 2015).

The theme of our REU is model-based reasoning in STEM education, and includes 8 mentors, 3 of whom specialize in biology education research.  Students will be selected by mid-December to participate in a 3-week part-time virtual program in January, where they will earn $500, followed by a 9-week in-person program over the summer, where they will earn another $4500.  During January Jump-start, students meet their mentors and each other on Skype, read DBER-themed papers with an online collaboration tool, begin to develop their research projects, and complete ethics and human subjects training.  When they come to RIT in June, they are ready to jump into their projects, and they feel less apprehensive because the people and projects are already somewhat familiar.  During the summer, they participate in their mentored research projects, a weekly DBER methods workshop, a professional development series, and numerous social activities.  The experience culminates with the campus-wide RIT Undergraduate Research Symposium, where all participants will have the opportunity to present their work.

Please see the website (
for more information and application

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ASMCUE Leadership Grant for International Educators

The ASMCUE Leadership Grant for International Educators awards outstanding microbiology/biology/health science undergraduate educators the opportunity to attend the ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators (ASMCUE)
and a pre-conference workshop. This award connects international leaders in STEM education with the resources to develop and pilot innovative pedagogy and learning practices to advance student engagement in the field of science.

Application Deadline: November 9, 2015

To learn more about ASMCUE and the eligibility requirements for this award, visit:

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Nevada Teachers Corps 

Nevada Teacher Corps trains accomplished professionals and recent college graduates to become exceptional, certified teachers for Nevada’s students who need them most.  Fellows become highly-effective teachers through intensive training and classroom-based coaching.  It’s an honor and a tremendous responsibility, which is why we hold the highest standards of effectiveness of any teacher preparation program in America.
Do you have what it takes to join this elite group of educators? Learn more here – our next application deadline is Monday, November 9


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In This Issue:

Journal Club

Winter 2016 Scholars and Fellows

DBER  REU program

ASMCUE Leadership Grant for International Educators

Nevada Teacher Corps

Upcoming Deadlines and Events

Upcoming Deadlines and Events:

TEP Graduate Teaching Initiative
TEP’s new Graduate Teaching Initiative (GTI) offers UO graduate students structured and rigorous, yet flexible, pathways to develop as college teachers. Those who complete a series of core requirements earn a certificate of completion: GTI students participate in individual- and small-group teaching consultations, draft a teaching portfolio, observe classes taught by faculty and peers, and attend various workshops and conversations on teaching.

Complete this form to enroll.

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ASM Science Teaching Fellows
Application deadlineNovember 2, 2015

The ASM Science Teaching Fellows Program is a 5-month development opportunity to help prepare doctoral-trained individuals for science teaching positions at a variety of non-doctoral institutions. Fellows in the program take part in a highly focused training experience that combines in-depth webinars, pre- and post-webinar assignments, structured mentoring, and a community of practice.

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2016 Summit for Transforming STEM Teaching in Higher Education

The event will kick off on Thursday evening, April 14, 2016, with attendance at the Boise State University Distinguished Lecture Series, which will feature 2001 Nobel Laureate in Physics, Carl Wieman, an international advocate for effective, evidence-based science education. On April 15, the all-day Summit will focus on institutional transformation and STEM education reform with a full schedule of plenary talks, interactive workshops, and a Happy Hour Poster Session.

Applications available until November.

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NSF-funded REIL Biology Workshops

NSF-funded REIL-Biology is partnering with national conferences to offer development opportunities to incorporate your own research in laboratory courses.  Application for 2015 and 2016 workshops at ASCB, CUR, and GSA meetings are open now.  Recruit a research or education faculty to participate with you in a pre-conference workshop on research in lab courses.  Travel funds are available.  For more details, see

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CoDaC Faculty Writing Center

Do you need a quiet, comfortable, distraction-free space to write? Then the CoDaC Faculty Writing Center is for you. A wide-range of empirical scholarship suggests that writers who establish and follow a regular writing schedule—devoting as little as 30 minutes a day to their writing—are far more productive than those who attempt to binge-write during large blocks of time.

Fall Term Hours in the lower level of Susan Campbell Hall.

Monday 10am-12pm
Tuesday 10am-12pm
Wednesday 10am-12pm
Thursday 1pm-3pm
Friday 1pm-3pm

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ASCB Mentoring in Active Learning and Teaching (MALT) 

Getting the opportunity to develop and implement active learning techniques over a sustained period is essential for those who seek careers focused on teaching. These experiences can be hard to find at many institutions. The MALT program seeks to establish mentor-mentee relationships in which people at all career levels and institutional types can learn from experienced teachers how to develop effective and engaging teaching practices. As this mentor-mentee relationship develops, the MALT program offers funding to enable more formal onsite mentorship opportunities.

Application due January 11 or July 11, 2016.

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SAIL/Aspire Mentors

SAIL is the UO’s largest college pipeline outreach
program designed to assist low-income, first generation middle and high school students with getting ready for college. They are recruiting UO college mentors to work on college prep activities as well as academic tutoring with our local high schools.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities contact: Chelsie Donahue, SAIL/Aspire Coordinator

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