Science Literacy Program Newsletter

Spring 2015 – Week 8

Journal Club

This week in journal club we will try a role playing exercise about genetically modified organisms (GMO).

For the GMO debate, you will each have a role and take a side on the issue. Roles will be assigned by the first letter of your last name—see below. Read the appropriate short articles for your role and come prepared to discuss your side of the issue.

Molecular Biologists (Last name A-B)
Fedoroff, N.V. 2011 August 18. Engineering Food for All. New York Times.

Casassus, B. 2013 November 29. Study Linking Genetically Modified Corn to Rat Tumors is Retracted. Scientific American.

Corporate Officials (Last name C-D)
Fraley, R.T. 2013 December 30. The Future of Agriculture Requires Dialogue. Huffington Post.

Fraley, R.T. 2014 May 6. To Deal With Climate Change, We Need Agricultural Innovation – Now. Huffington Post.

Economists  (Last name E-J)
Fields of Beaten Gold. 2013 December 7. The Economist

Monsanto: the parable of the sower. 2009 November 19. The Economist

Farmers  (Last name K-P)
Royte, E. 2013 December 6. The Post-GMO Economy. The Modern Farmer.

This Farmer’s Perspective on GMOs. 2011 November 19. Son of a Farmer Blog.

Ecologists & Conservationists  (Last name Q-S)

Achitoff, P. 2014 March 5. GMOs in Kauai: Not Just Another Day in Paradise. Huffington Post.

Benbrook, C.M. 2012. Impacts of genetically engineered crops on pesticide use in the U.S. – the first sixteen years. Environmental Sciences Europe 24:24. (Just read the synopsis that comes up, not the full pdf.)

Genetic Engineering Risks and Impacts. Union of Concerned Scientists.

Public Interest Groups & Activists (Last name T-Z)

Tran, M. 2013 February 25. Vandana Shiva: ‘Seeds must be in the hands of farmers’. The Guardian.

Ho, M.W. 2014 February 4. GMO labeling: the tide is turning. Ecologist.

– Thursday 9:00am in LISB 317 facilitated by Julie Mueller, TEP and Elly Vandegrift, SLP
– Friday 12:00pm in LISB 217 facilitated by Elly Vandegrift, SLP

We look forward to seeing you there!
Julie and Elly

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SPICE Camp Instructor Positions Available

The Science Program to Inspire Creativity and Excellence (SPICE) is an informal science outreach program for middle school girls in Lane county. SPICE needs lead instructors for the SPICE 2015 Science Summer Camps.

Duties include:
– Leading 20 girls ages 11-14 in fun hands on science activities.
– Developing age appropriate group and individual science activities.
– Supervising volunteers.
– Schedule all activities and volunteers, lead activities, supervise volunteers, develop new activities.

Camp runs July 6-17th, M-F 9am-4pm. Preparation takes place in the month of June. One week of follow up work after camp required.

How to Apply: Please send resume and statement of interest to Questions welcome 6-4313.

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In This Issue:

Journal Club

SPICE Camp Instructor Positions Available

Upcoming UO and Local Events

Upcoming UO and Local Events:

The Science and Business of Scaling Renewable Fuels
Rain@UO Colloquium
Tuesday, 5/19/2015
11:00am – 12:00pm
331 Klamath Hall

Entrepreneur and University of Oregon alumna Virginia Klausmeir kicks off the first RAIN@UO Colloquium to talk about the science and business of scaling renewable fuels.

Virginia was selected by Forbes for their “30 under 30 in Energy” list and was named as one of the “Top 10 Women in Biofuels” by Sapphire Energy. Virginia is co-founder and CEO of Sylvatex, Inc., an early stage clean technology company whose mission is to scale renewable components into the petroleum fuel stream within the current infrastructure.

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Taming Test Anxiety
Teaching and Learning Center
Tuesday, 5/19/2015
72 PLC

Gain new ideas for studying effectively, staying positive, navigating test questions–and unleashing your true ability.

No registration is required for this free workshop.

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Finishing Strong
Teaching and Learning Center
Tuesday, 5/19/2015
72 PLC

Academic muscles quivering with fatigue? Join us for coaching and techniques to boost your motivation, time management, and study system for a strong push across the spring finish line.

No registration is required for this free workshop.

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