Science Literacy Program Newsletter

Spring 2015 – Week 9

Journal Club

For the last two weeks of the term we will focus on using games to teach science. Please read the following two articles and come prepared to try out some game playing.

Samide, M. J., & Wilson, A. M. (2014). Games, Games, Games; Playing to Engage with Chemistry Concepts.

Gutierrez, A. F. (2014). Development and Effectiveness of an Educational Card Game as Supplementary Material in Understanding Selected Topics in Biology.CBE-Life Sciences Education, 13(1), 76-82.

– Thursday 9:00am in LISB 317 facilitated by Julie Mueller, TEP and Elly Vandegrift, SLP
– Friday 12:00pm in LISB 217 facilitated by Elly Vandegrift, SLP

We look forward to seeing you there!
Julie and Elly

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Journal Club

Upcoming UO and Local Events

Upcoming UO and Local Events:

Teaching for the First Time as the Sole Instructor
TEP Teaching Fundamentals and Professional Development Series
Thursday, 6/11/2015
10:00am – 3:00pm
PLC 72 (Writing Lab)

Now that you’re fully at the helm, we’ll discuss how to articulate and achieve your class goals, design and sequence assignments, build classroom community, facilitate interaction, and respond to student work. We’ll consider developing and remaining in tune with a teaching philosophy, melding your research and teaching identities, and gaining satisfaction from your teaching.

Facilitated by Jason Schreiner, TEP Faculty Consultant

Click here to register.

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