WINTER 2017 – WEEK 1

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Journal Club

This term on Thursdays at 9am we will explore equity and inclusion in STEM education.


Starting Week 1 we ask you to read:


Killpack & Melón 2016 (CBE) + Rumbarger 2016 (theory and practice)

Killpack, TL and LC Melón. (2016). Toward Inclusive STEM Classrooms: What Personal Role Do Faculty Play?  CBE Life Sci Educ 15:es3


Rumbarger, L. (2016). Inclusive Teaching: Part One of Highlights from TEP’s ‘Belonging’ Series.
As you are reading, we’d like you to keep this definition of inclusive teaching from Magee (2016) in mind. “At the level of the classroom, inclusivity refers to the philosophy and pedagogy of engaging and valuing every student, and seeking to enhance the relational dynamics of the class as a whole, by intentionally attending not merely to the intellectual but also to the social and emotional climate of the classroom. In recognition of the fact that our classrooms exist and are constructed within broad cultural, social and political contexts, and that higher education has not traditionally been equally accessible or welcoming to all, the aim is to enlist each teacher in the ongoing work of making each classroom maximally effective as a learning space for each and every student, and for the class as a whole. Classrooms grounded in inclusivity are classrooms where each student encounters not only a course, but a classroom environment that has been intentionally shaped to enhance his or her sense of inclusion and safety, and a teacher, regardless of the subject matter, who is committed to the principles and practices of inclusivity.”


Magee, Rhonda V. “The Way of ColorInsight: Understanding Race and Law Effectively Through Mindfulness-Based ColorInsight Practices.” Forthcoming in The Georgetown Law Journal of Modern Critical Race Perspectives, Spring 2016. Draft December 20, 2015.


Fridays at 1pm will explore practical approaches to improving science communication using the book Olson, R. (2015). “Houston, We Have a Narrative: Why Science Needs a Story” University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London.  For Week 1 please read pages 1-21 of the book.


Hope to see you there.


Elly and Julie

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OER Symposium

You are cordially invited to participate in the OER Symposium being held May 11, 2017, at Portland State University! This is a joint conference sponsored by the Higher Education Coordinating Commission, OpenOregon Educational Resources, and Portland State University’s Office of Academic Innovation. The purpose is to share the work being done at Oregon’s public institutions around Open Educational Resources and to promote and encourage cross institutional collaboration with OER.


All faculty, staff, administration, and students from Oregon’s public institutions are welcome to attend and registration is free. We have several keynote speakers and a special invitation workshop by Robin DeRosa.  Please use this link to find information about the conference, registration, and to submit session proposals:

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In This Issue:

Journal Club

OER Symposium

Upcoming UO and Local Events

Upcoming UO and Local Events:

Undergraduate Research Symposium Info Session

There is an information session for students on Tuesday, January 17 at 6 pm in the Global Scholars Hall Learning Commons.  This event will give students a better idea of what the symposium is, what it’s like to make a poster or oral presentation, and they will get the chance to talk to past presenters.  The Symposium website also offers prospective undergraduate presenters many resources, including proposal submission guidelines, FAQs, sample abstracts, interviews with Symposium presenters, video of panels, past programs, and an archive of posters and slideshow presentations. During winter and spring terms, ASUR (Associated Students for Undergraduate Research) will be offering a series of drop-in workshops designed to guide students through the process of writing an abstract, developing a poster, and preparing an oral presentation.

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