Faculty Mentor Agreement

To be a Faculty mentor affiliated with the Science Literacy Program, we ask that you follow these guidelines.

  1. The Science Literacy Program will provide 50% of the total FTE appointment for Graduate SLP Fellows (equivalent to 8-9.8 hours/week or 0.2-0.245 FTE depending on the department/institute) with funds provided by SLP through an external grant.
  2. Graduate SLP Fellows may create assessments in the course, but they may only spend time grading (homework, quizzes, projects, exams, etc.) equivalent to time spent grading by the faculty mentor.  If more grading assistance is required for the course, the faculty member is responsible for making arrangements for a GTF-TA-Grader through his/her department.  On occasion a graduate SLP Fellow may receive his/her additional FTE as a GTF-TA-Grader for the same course, as determined by the department.
  3. Undergraduate SLP Scholars have earned a competitive stipend award and the opportunity to participate in the program.  They may not do any grading for the course, nor may they have office hours.
  4. You should schedule meetings with Graduate SLP Fellows and Undergraduate SLP Scholars to provide them opportunities to participate in course design and implementation.  Many Fellows may request an opportunity to lead part of or an entire class session as part of their mentorship as future faculty members.  Scholars may have opportunities to lead mini-lectures or demos in the course (or even complete lectures if you are especially confident in their abilities and you provide detailed guidance). A list of activities in which previous scholars and fellows have participated in available.
  5. As part of the Science Literacy Program, the class participants, scholars, fellows, and faculty may be asked to complete surveys during the term as part of the ongoing program research and assessment.
  6. Throughout the term members of the Science Literacy Program – both from the program staff and other SLP-affiliated faculty members – may observe the course.  These observations are not a formal teaching evaluation, but are designed to offer peer feedback and suggestions for ideas to try in the course.  Visit days will be coordinated with you.
  7. You should communicate with the Science Literacy Program Associate Director throughout the term about any problems, progress, or requests as needed.
  8. You and the graduate SLP Fellows and undergraduate SLP scholars are invited to attend events sponsored by the Science Literacy program including the Journal Club and workshops/events.
  9. You should provide the Science Literacy Program with a copy of the course syllabus for the website.

Please download and sign the agreement here.