Elly Vandegrift

Elly Vandegrift is the Associate Director of the Science Literacy Program and a Senior Instructor of Biology. Elly has taught Biology and Human Physiology at the University of Oregon and Lane Community College.

With the Science Literacy Program, Elly supports classroom experiences to make science interesting, engaging, and relevant for all students. She holds an undergraduate degree in Biology is from Earlham College and a graduate degree in Forest Ecology from Oregon State University.

Elly is a member of the Leadership Team for the Regional and Mobile Summer Institutes on Scientific Teaching.

Courses Taught

HC 441: Bread 101
BIO/CHEM 140: Science, Policy, and Biology
CAS 101H: Reacting to the Past – Kansas 1999: Evolution and Creation Science
CAS 409: Practicum Science Literacy Program Scholars
BIO 407/507: Seminar Teaching Science


2017  Thomas F. Herman Award for Specialized Pedagogy, University of Oregon
2016-17  Williams Fellow for Teaching Excellence, University of Oregon
2016-18  Scientific Teaching Education Mentor
2015  Pedagogy Award for Bread 101, Association for the Study of Food and Society



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