Science Teaching Journal Club

The Science Teaching Journal Club is a partnership of the Science Literacy Program and the Teaching Engagement Program. Each week we read, discuss, and put into practice an article exploring issues relevant to teaching and learning in college science classrooms.  Participants from across rank and discipline are welcome to join us for the sessions where we intentionally put into practice evidence-based teaching.

Journal Club meets Thursdays at 9 a.m. in LISB 217.

Winter 2019 Journal Club Readings:

This winter in Journal Club we will read a book: Teaching Undergraduate Science: A Guide to Overcoming Obstacles to Student Learning by Linda C. Hodges. In each chapter of this very practical and accessible book the author draws on the scholarship of teaching and learning to present strategies for helping students learn in a different situation: in class, from texts, from problems, from tests, etc. We look forward to exploring these topics with you, so please join us!

The book is available as an e-book from the UO library or online as a print book.

Read our list of Teaching Undergraduate Science discussion questions.

Week One (1/10):

Foreword, Preface and Chapter 1: Introduction

Week Two (1/17):

Chapter 2: Helping Students Learn During Class

Week Three (1/24):

Chapter 3: Helping Students Learn from Text

Week Four (1/31):

Chapter 4: Helping Students Learn, and Learn from,Problem Solving

Week Five (2/7):

Chapter 5: Motivating and Helping Students Learn on Their Own

Week Six (2/14):

Chapter 6: Helping Students Learn from Testsand Assignments

Week Seven (2/21):

Special Guest: Jenny Dauer, Asst. Prof. of Science Literacy, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Week Eight (2/28):

Chapter 7: Helping Students Learn from Laboratory Work and Research

Week Nine (3/7):

Chapter 8: Helping Students Learn to Write Like Scientists

Week Ten (3/14):

Chapter 9: Making Choices About What and How to Teach in Science