Science Teaching Journal Club

The Science Teaching Journal Club is a partnership of the Science Literacy Program and the Teaching Engagement Program. Each week we read, discuss, and consider how to implement ideas from an article or book that explores issues relevant to teaching and learning in college science classrooms.  We invite participants from all ranks and disciplines to join us for these sessions, which we use to model evidence-based teaching practices.

The journal club meets Thursdays at 9 a.m. in LISB 217.

Winter 2019 Journal Club Readings:

In Journal Club this term we will read How Humans Learn: The Science and Stories behind Effective College Teaching, by Joshua R. Eyler. This very interesting and accessible book explores some of the science behind how people learn and provides practical ideas for using it to design more effective learning experiences for students in the sciences and beyond.

The book is available through online retailers and we expect an electronic copy to be accessible through the UO Libraries by the time we start in January. If you have difficulty accessing the material or have other questions, please contact Julie Mueller (

Looking forward to seeing you,

Julie and Austin



Week One (1/9):

Introduction: How Human Beings Learn, p. 1 – 15.

Week Two (1/16):

Chapter 1: Curiosity, p. 17 – 44.

Week Three (1/23):

Chapter 1: Curiosity, p. 45 – 64.

Week Four (1/30):

Chapter 2: Sociality, p. 65 – 89.

Week Five (2/6):

Chapter 2: Sociality, p. 90 – 112.

Week Six (2/13):

Chapter 3: Emotion, p. 113 – 134.

Week Seven (2/20):

Chapter 3: Emotion, p. 134 – 148.

Week Eight (2/27):

Chapter 4: Authenticity, p. 149 – 170.

Week Nine (3/5):

Chapter 5: Failure, p. 171 – 195.

Week Ten (3/12):

Chapter 5: Failure, p. 196 – 217, and

Epilogue: There and Back Again, p. 219 – 222.