Graduate Fellows

Graduate students wanting to expand their graduate experience and improve their teaching abilities are invited to participate in the SLP Graduate Fellows program. Over the course of one term, graduate students are paired with a faculty member to assist in teaching a course in their area of study. Fellows develop skills in teaching, mentoring, and assessment, while also building their understanding of evidence-based teaching strategies, active learning, and emerging best practices in pedagogy. Each fellow receives a stipend and tuition remission equivalent to their department’s GE appointments.

This is an excellent opportunity to prepare for a career in academia or any public-facing scientific communication field.

Applications for Spring 2019 are closed.


  • Be a graduate student in good standing
  • Have approval from your department head and research advisor
  • Commit to attending each meeting of your assigned course
  • Participate in the weekly Scientific Teaching Journal Club to support professional development

Sample SLP Fellow Activities

  • Facilitate class and discussion activities
  • Design and provide input on activities to do in class or discussion
  • Research content and create worksheets for class and discussion activities
  • Create and lead in-class demonstrations and follow-up discussion
  • Grade student homework and exams equivalent to the types of assessment that the faculty mentors grade
  • Develop course videos
  • Guide and answer student questions (small group or individually) during class
  • Lead part of a class session/lecture
  • Facilitate class discussion
  • Develop case studies
  • Write homework questions
  • Write reading questions
  • Write in-class clicker questions based on reading or class content
  • Contribute to a study guide
  • Write exam questions
  • Maintain materials on Canvas site (discussion board, blogs, extra materials)
  • Hold office hours
  • Attend and participate in class
  • Attend and participate in teaching team meetings
  • Attend the weekly Science Literacy Teaching Journal Club and consider ways to apply teaching techniques to the class
  • With a faculty mentor, create personal goals to be achieved during the term
  • Build the science literacy of undergraduate students by making science relevant to all students